Case Study: How To Increase Compliance Through Proper Framing




  • Totsan says:

    that needs a thumbs-up recommendation, thanks for the share.

  • Dave says:

    gives new meaning to the term sheeple…

  • J.R.Magdos says:

    I have heard of this before but never really paid the proper attention to this. Sort of simular to NLP. I can see how this will indeed help me in many ways.

  • Timan says:

    Excellent,trust is the most easy and difficult thing to get it,you gain it you gain complian.What about trust no body? how it works in real business?

  • Peter says:

    Clear, Concise, Information, Presented, in a Framework that was Easily Embraced by me- Very Useful, Very Use-able. Very Sly & Wit Humor That Is,-to me- Droll, As Well As Being Very Adept!

  • Susan says:

    I love having the end in mind. Seeing the end in my mind as the days go by, great. then the solutions comes to me on how it will all happen.

  • Silverio says:

    Feeling that you are helping others and supporting welfare when you purchase something or contribute to a humanitarian cause. Gives us a great satisfaction well beyond the mere joy of having something new Thanks a lot Paul