How To Add People To Your Alliance

Having an alliance or “power network” is a complete game changer in terms of influence.

It allows you to multiply your sphere of influence because you have a team of people ready, willing and able to comply with & support you.

This doesn’t happen by accident.

In fact, there are 10 specific characteristics that you must have in order for someone to
even consider becoming part of your alliance.

Good News: I put together an Alliance Building Checklist that will reveal all ten and show you why they’re important.

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In terms of influence and persuasion, the biggest “needle-mover” is having an alliance or network of people that support you. When done right, it’s something that can literally pay dividends over and over for the rest of your life. One solid relationship could mean access to tons of money, resources and other connections.

Now imagine having multiple relationships like this. This is what we call an alliance. It’s a network of people ready, willing and able to help you. There are certain key attributes that you must exhibit when starting to build your alliance.
They include:


Authenticity – In order for anyone to support you, you must first get their attention. The easiest way to gain attention is by zigging when everyone else is zagging. In other words, be authentic and different. This allows you to rise above the noise and get the attention of the power players you need to build your alliance.
Credibility – Other than con-artists, manipulators and criminals, no one wants to do business with, support or be associated with people who aren’t credible. If you say you’re going to do something do it. If you stand for something, stand whole-heartedly for it.

Indispensability – This is a big one. You need to make yourself indispensable or irreplaceable so that people never think of stopping their support for you you or even worse choosing your competitors over you. There are countless way to do this but they all circle back to providing immense value. I achieve this by making it my business to become someone’s “secret weapon”. In other words, I provide so much value for that person that it changes their life for the better in some way and then I let them take the credit for it.

Likability/Authority – Tony Robbins once said that people are persuaded by people that they like or want to be like. In other words, we will comply with people either because we feel a connection to them in some way and like them as a person or because we aspire to be like them or want to achieve something they have already done. You can go either way with this. You can focus on creating like-ability or authority. Of course, combining both only magnifies your power even more.

Congruency – In order for people to trust and support you, it’s important that everything you do be congruent. This includes your opinions, stances, messages or products and services. If you’re opinions, stances or teaches are different than your actions, you destroy your credibility.

Consistency – Consistency is key in your ability to form a solid alliance. You need to be consistent in your communication with others or they will forget about you. Consistency also adds to your credibility because someone who is consistent appears as someone who keeps their word and commitments.

Relevancy – You must remain relevant to the key players in your alliance or you will slip through the cracks. The most effective way to do this is to consistency provide value. There may come a point where the things that you consider valuable are no longer valuable to them. To combat this and stay relevant, speak about the the stuff they are interested in and/or the stuff they feel they DO need. Then once you gain credibility and trust by providing value, introduce them to new concepts ie. the product they don’t know they need yet.

Reputability – People not only want to know that you are credible based on the fact that you do what you say you will but they also want to hear that from other people. This not only further solidifies your credibility but it also integrates an element of social proof which causes people to like and trust you simply because they see that other people do.

Connectivity – To build an alliance of any kind, you need to be connected to various networks. People in your alliance need to feel that their connection to you is valuable because you can connect them to other people.

Persuasiveness – Let’s face it. Persuasion is everything. You could have all the attributes on this list but without the ability to persuade others to believe that you have them, they serve no purpose. It’s important that you understand how people are persuaded so you can craft your offers and proposals in such a way that people say “yes” to them.

Want To Build In Alliance In Record Time

Get The Alliance Quick Start Pack And Learn What You Can Do To Start Building Your Network Fast

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