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September 22, 2019

From The Desk of Paul Mascettae

New York, NY

Dear Friend,

Did you know there are 5 major types of decision makers?

This is important because any time you attempt to persuade someone you're asking them to make a decision.

Chances are your subject (the person you are attempting to persuade) falls into one of these five categories when making a decision.

Each one requires a different approach because each one evaluates data differently.

You can't attempt to influence a skeptic using the same techniques that you would with a thinker.

So let me ask you..

Would you like to know how you can:

  • Influence and persuade people faster and easier by tayloring your presentation to their decision making process
  • Lower resistance and make your subject more open to your point of view
  • Have people make decisions faster by knowing how to present your information without confusing them
  • Increase sales, compliance and cooperation from others by "speaking their language"

Introducing: The Decision Spying Blueprint

You Will Discover:

  • A simple trick that reduces the resistance of the "Thinker" and makes them open to you your presentation
  • When and how to use logical presenations and chronological structure so your subject can easily understand your key points
  • The one thing you must have to avoid being challenged by your target
  • When and why you should have more than one meeting with certain types of decision makers to increase your chances of influencing them
  • The "Data Value" Strategy and how to use it to get the "Skeptic" to lower their guard and comply
  • How to diplomatically deal with a combative subject and still get what you want
  • How to use The Process of Elimination to influence the "Follower" with ease
  • The ONE THING you must avoid presenting to the "Follower" so you don't completely destroy your chances of getting them to comply
  • The key to getting the "Leader" to comply when by nature they cannot be influenced or persuaded by anyone
  • When and where to use linear presentations that make you look SUPER intelligent to your subject
  • The very first thing the "Enthusiast" needs to see for them to say "yes" to your requests
  • How to idenitfy your subject's burning desire and present as if you are fulfilling it
  • And much, much more...

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Talk soon,


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