The Windows To The Mind

People need the basics like food, clothes and shelter – that’s the reality of our human status. We must have these things in order to survive, and there are also lots of inborn needs that influence our
behavior as we grow to become adults.

We are genetically encoded to survive and care for ourselves and to command a powerful compulsion to care for our groups. We are even more coded to help the groups we belong to first than to help ourselves – sounds communist, but it’s the truth.

If a child is in a river full of gators and people are around the river, chances are that a brave man will jump in to save the child. That’s not only altruistic and honorable, but it’s also part of our genetic programming.

The urge to care for others in our group is extremely powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Virtually everyone is pre- programmed to act according to the best interests of themselves, their family, their group, their society and even God.

Now for one of the biggest mistake all persuaders make one time or the other: They just persuade the customer’s best interests and they completely forget how to appeal to how the service or good will help the client’s group or family, or even God for that matter. Did you know that there is a portion of the human brain that just gets activated when speaking to the divine?

Competition Is a Tool for Survival

Evolutionary Psychology proved that competition between individuals is what selects the “strongest” or the winners and picks out the losers of society.
You always must point out, while selling a product, that the product will give him an advantage in society, it will get him an advantage against his competitors, so it will make it easier for him to survive competitively – make this point subtly and your selling probabilities will increase.

Pursue a Group

Researches show that the larger the group, the more comply-able their members are to their leader. Stealth Hypnosis can give you a very powerful advantage in groups, because most of the people fear speaking or presenting before groups and big audiences. That’s a fact.

Us humans are easily herded animals and even the Ninja Salesman, the Stealth Hypnosis Master, can’t expect having 100% assenting opinions in large group settings. There are, in each group, individuals who rise above that same group so you have to respect them, acknowledge their interaction, and continue on with your presentation. Remember that in group settings, the majority’s opinion is the rule! Remember to pull the right Mind Access Strings.

Affiliation and How We Quest for It

We all want to be wanted, to feel needed. Research in the medical field proves that when someone feels unwanted, growth and development come to a halt. All forms of growth, like emotional, social and even physical growth are greatly influenced by how much or how little we feel wanted.

This need is pr-programmed, so you know that person who says they don’t need to be wanted? That person is lying!

You have to always show your interest toward your client. He must feel that you are interested in him, not just as a client, but as a person – this is a great tip to develop a long-term relationship with a client and those situations are always win-win.

Selling Through Fear and Negativism

You can build rapport and get your client’s compliance, just by creating or targeting an enemy. You can “frighten” him with the success of his competitors if he doesn’t make the change, you can get him frustrated about his status quo and you can gain his compliance by joining his team against that “common enemy.”

Use and abuse of some negative emotions like disgust, anger, hatred and so on as an effective marketing method – this isn’t a new tactic, it’s pretty old and pretty used too!
Think about those commercials that paint insects as a repulsive thing to have in the house and how they can creep on everything.

Well, we certainly don’t have infestations every day, but the commercial serves its point – it places the image in your head, triggering those fear or disgust emotions, thus joining your team against the greater evil! It’s like buying life insurance, lots of people have it, but most never use it – they have it and they buy it to relieve anxiety, to avoid worrying and to get those negative emotions to a minimum. There are all kinds of things we purchase just with “avoiding negative emotions” in mind.

Follow the Leader!

Virtually every animal species in the world, including humans, are compelled to follow the leader of the group, so you want to tell your clients you’re the leader of your field – not upfront of course, but in a stealthy way.
Show your listeners you can be a better employee, a better parent, or show how your products can make your clients look more like the leader! Mimic the leader’s behavior and show how people will become leaders themselves by getting your services.

Summer Time, Winter Time

When we notice times are good, we are genetically coded to risk more and experience adventure, but when times are rough, as of now, we are compelled to be conservative and risk less.

When we are selling, we have to know if the person on the other side is experiencing a good or a bad moment. If the client is having a great time of prosperity, appeal to his wish to experiment and adventure – to explore! If you see he is not very good, show him that your products will help with his conservative needs.

Be emotionally appealing and determine how the sale is going to happen – or if it won’t happen at all! Fit that service or product into their emotional filters and they will find some logical reasons why they should buy from you.