Top Secret: Use These Covert Strategies & Techniques To Hypnotically Control The Thoughts & Behaviors Of Others


September 23, 2020

From Paul Mascetta, President & Founder of

Dear friend,

The principles of conversational hypnosis are the same as traditional/clinical hypnosis....meaning that you first need the subject to enter into a trance before you can start using any techniques.

But that in and of itself requires a set of techniques.

In other words, the process begins as soon as you start interacting with your to get them into trance requires a set of techniques.

The difference between this scenario and a clinical setting is that in clinical setting the subject knows that you're going to hypnotize them.

In conversational hypnosis that's not the case.

And that's why you need to be super-covert about it.

Now For The Good News…

What I want to share with you today is something that can help you..

  • Get people to listen and accept your message without being pushy or manipulative
  • Build up anticipation for what you want to matter what it may be
  • Position yourself as an authority figure or expert that people trust
  • Make people feel confortable and less resistant when they speak with you
  • Diffuse argumentative behavior and make people more compliant and open to your message

Hypnotic Control Patterns

Here's a glimpse of what you will learn:

  • The "Implication" tactic and how you can use it to bypass the critical factor of the human mind and implant your suggestions
  • The "Awareness Control" tactic and how you can use it to dictate what the subject sees and feels in particular situations
  • The "Target Pattern" and how you can use it to to forcibly direct people’s perspective and thoughts to a single object or issue that you would like to talk about
  • The "Sequential Action" Pattern and how you can use it to to covertly lead a person without being noticed
  • The "Mental Image" Pattern and how you can use it to automatically modify the quality of the mental images that you are conjuring for your subject
  • The "Mental Illusion" tactic and how you can use it to create a variety of mental illusions that will convince your subject that he still has full control of the situation...even though you are

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P.S. - Remember, to use hypnotic language in a conversational setting you have to be super-covert and fly under the radar.

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