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September 23, 2020


Dear Friend,

You’ve seen the Pack Leader before.

They’re that person that stands out from the rest.

They have a confident, attractive, influential ora around them.

People listen to whatever they say and follow their lead…hence the “leader” part.

Most importantly they obey them and they understand that this person is in charge and calls the shots.

These people get access to resources and opportunities before everyone else.

The "Top of The Food Chain" Reality That Everyone Else Is Scared To Talk About

It’s like when you see a pride of lions eating and the dominant male comes over.

What happens?

All the other lions back off and allow the dominant male to feast first.

And in most cases, he didn’t even make the kill.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m saying that we are animals but what I am saying is that the same “food chain” rules apply in human society.

And it happens on a very primal level.

What I'm about to reveal in this letter can if you're interested in learning how:

  • You can break the ice in a social envirmonment like a party or a wedding and have people suddenly attracted and mesmerized by you....
  • To become the "life of the party" when hangining out with a group of friends..
  • To be considered the smartest and msot respected person in a room full of colleagues or co-workers
  • Uncover the secrets the most influential people in the world will (successfully) use against you…

....This Hidden Advantage is Something You Need Because:

These Psychological Hacks Will Position You to Become The Person In The Room That You Envy The Most... The Pack Leader..

I have been researching the phenomenon behind how some people are able to instantly become pack leaders regardless of what environment or social situation they are in.

And I’ve discovered a few key characteristics that they all share.

I’ve also identified the wild cards and variables that when combined with these key characteristics create the pack leader.

I took this giant sum of psychological data and broke it down into simple step by step blueprint that you can use to become a pack leader.

And now...

I’m going to show you exactly how to…

  • Draw People To You...Curious To Learn How They Can Be "On yOur Side"
  • Eliminate Resistance While Talking With Anyone…
  • Build Immediate Rapport That You Can Exploit For Profit (If You Want To)
  • Be Looked At As A Hero By Everyone You Come Into Contact With
  • Do More Than Debate Like A Pro And Just Get People To Agree With
  • And More!

All in a 50+ page manual that I’d like to introduce called…

The Pack Leader Blueprint

A Complete Guide To Transform You Into A Power Figure That Others Follow & Comply With

“One Of The Fastest Routes To Effective Persuasion Is Having The Subject Ask You To Comply Instead Of Pitching Them…”

  • How you can utilize & leverage the psychology of herd & pack mentality to make people view you as the leader of the group
  • Why people respond potbelly and comply with authority figures (without even really knowing why) and how you can use that to your advantage
  • How you can create the perception of the pack leader in the shortest time possible….even if you don’t have any evidence or proof
  • The two things that all “pack followers” want you to read them to so you can easily craft all of your messages accordingly
  • The secret to leveraging your physical projection to have a powerful effect on current and potential followers
  • And Much, Much, More!

You’ll Discover How To Create Pack Leader Status Regardless of What Environment You're In..

…and you’ll learn…

  • The 1961 Milgram Experiment and how it scientifically proved that people will comply (even with irrational requests) if they are given by an authority figure
  • The ten essential traits that all true pack leaders have so you can copy them to gain a higher social status
  • Four simple changes that you can make that will instantly make you appear more influential and powerful
  • The one secret trait that instantly makes others respect and follow you no matter what environment you're in
  • And More, All in 50+ pages of easy to follow along analysis, dialog descriptions, and suggestions you can immediately recognize and implement!

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To your success,

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