What It Really Takes To Build Wealth

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wondered how people built wealth.

When I was 22 years old, someone gave me a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and it changed my life just as it has for many others.

After reading that masterpiece, I read countless others. But then I decided to take what I read and cross reference it with what I observed in REAL life.

Here are my findings. This will invlove a short (but very true) story about 2 friends of mine and how the path that one took led him to finanical freedeom in only 6 years.

By the way, his advice lead me to finiancial freedeom as well.

Here it is.

In high school, two of my best friends were John and Bill.

John was your typical grade A student. He worked hard, studied, got great grades and never missed a day of school. He was a teacher’s ideal pupil.

Bill on the other hand, hated anything even related to school, work or authority. Sometimes, he would even pay other students lunch money to do his homework.

He was always playing hookie and when he did come to school, he was never on time.

In fact, if I remember correctly in his last year of high school, he may have even taken more days off then he showed up for.

The teachers in school constantly told Bill that he would never amount to anything because he would never get into a good college and therefore, would never get a good job and wind up broke.

After high school, John spent almost his entire adult life continuing his education.

After attending a trade school to learn a skill, he went to a business school to get an Associates Degree, then a Bachelor’s and then his Master’s because his trade school education just wasn’t enough.

John spent most of his time working on projects and studying for exams which he always did well on.

Bill took a bit of a different path. He refused to go to college and got a job making $7.50 per hour (plus tips) delivering pizzas while he began figuring out what he was going to do with his life.

Even as a delivery boy, Bill was terrible. He was always late and called out sick almost all the time. He was a lousy employee.

He realized that working for someone else just wasn’t for him and he started a small drop shipping website.

Bill dreaded any kind of mundane or tedious work so he saved whatever money he made from delivering pizzas and used it to outsource the work he didn’t enjoy doing.

In the same 6 years that John spent getting an education so he could get a job; Bill simply hired more and more people to help run his website.

When all was said and done, John and Bill found themselves in 2 completely different places.

John began to realize that he couldn’t even get an interview with his education as all the big companies were looking for people with experience AND education. 

And since he could never get the right kind of job to get the experience because he didn’t have the education, he had to start out at the bottom.

He basically took a job making $40k per year even though he had the credentials for a job making close to $80k.

It didn’t matter. John had to pay his dues and work his way up to hopefully get the $80k he felt he deserved.

Bill on the other hand now had a multi-million dollar company that he ran from his living room table on his laptop computer.

The hardest part of his day was keeping track of everyone he had to pay; so eventually he just hired someone to do that as well.

Now I don’t know about you but as I observed these events taking place, I thought to myself “Doesn’t what’s happened here contradict everything I’ve ever been taught about building wealth?”

I was told things like “You have to work hard, be persistent, never give up, have self discipline, etc.” yet Bill had none of those things and wound up finincially free while John – who had all those attributes and more – was struggling to make in a year what Bill made in one month.

It was at that moment that I knew there was more to the story of building wealth.

And here it is…

Everyone who has learned and practiced what I’m about to tell you has not only created a financial life for themselves that most others dream of but they continue to attract more and more money even if they mess everything else in their life up.

Attaining wealth has nothing to do with what you do physically if you are not equipped mentally.

While you have to take action in order to achieve results, the action by itself will not determine your results. 

It is your state of mind that ultimately drives you to become wealthy. The only time where your actions alone get you more money is when you physically take it by force from someone else (and my guess is you want to become wealthy the right way; not the illegal way). 

Other than that, your mind will ultimately attract wealth to you.

That’s exactly what happened with Bill. Bill’s state of mind was to never work for someone else and never be controlled. And even though in most people’s eyes, he was lazy and always tried to take short-cuts, it didn’t matter. 

When your state of mind is focused on one specific desire, you will always attract results that support that desire. 

Since Bill’s ultimate desire was to be free from control, he attracted the ideas, opportunities and resources that enabled him to become free.

In fact, he didn’t even have a choice. His desire was so strong that he simply couldn’t stop freedom from entering his life even if he tried. 

The Universe was equipping him with what he needed to become truly free from the control of others. 

And in a world where monetary exchange is the main method by which people achieve physical freedom, he had no choice but to become wealthy because wealth = freedom.

This story tells us that whatever your focus your energy and desire on will eventually become your reality.

If you really want to become wealthy, think about how you do it constantly. Eventually you will get the answers you need.

It all begins with your mind set. This is the reason why most poor people who win the lottery wind up broke again while most self made millionaries can lose everything and regain it all.




  • James z says:

    Another fantastic article about having the right mindset for building riches. Just put some photos up to improve the reading experience for your visitors.

  • I agree that making wealth is able to think continuously on what to do legally and taking action or decision witout fail.

  • malu says:

    This truly helps. I can easily relate with stories like this. I’m able to understand well on how to apply attracting wealth thru mindsetting…More power to you guys!

  • colin says:

    very interesting story and i have similar ideas and thoughts about being my own boss and working from home and not having someone control me . I will now focus on that concept regularly attracting the job i want to create from my home computer and so forth. any more ides would be much appreciated

  • Shaz says:

    Although pertinent to wealth creation and quite logical, the biggest problem with focus is that is it largely affected by extrinsic circumstance:- It is very easy to adopt a certain mindset when things are going well, but almost impossible when someone is trying to deal with major crises in their lives.

  • Luoma says:

    However, there is a need for care in this department as it needs to be handled properly.

  • jessica says:

    So true, again…I second specially paragraph 12 and 8 going from end/bottom upwards. All said..no further comments.

  • Pettibon says:

    Hey there! Just wondering where exactly do you actually get the sources for your website’s info? Thanks!

    • Paul J Mascetta says:

      Hi Pettibon, the info comes from many different sources including case studies, books on psychology and years of research.

  • To keep trying til you get right..

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    Valuable information. Lucky me I found your site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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    another great inspirational blog Paul, keep them coming

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    Great stuff,makes one take stock of themselves

  • David Adame says:

    I’m starting to read more articles like this one and now believe more than ever what the bible says in Proverbs: …as a man thinketh, so is he!